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NW Ohio History: Services - 1900

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Bowling Green, Ohio experienced the economic boom that accompanied the discovery and development of the gas and oil industry following the Civil War. However, the supply outstripped the demand and as resources were exhausted by the late 1890s, the community began to feel an economic slump. Local boosters did their best to promote broader development, emphasizing a healthy business climate. On Friday, February 16, 1900, the Wood County Democrat published an edition highlighting the downtown business district. Today, these articles make a fascinating snapshot of Bowling Green just a century ago.

 Home Services

 Bowling Green Ice & Fuel Co. - Bullis Brothers

Don't shovel your dollars into your stove without getting good results. You can't get good results from poor coal, that's sure. If you go to the Bowling Green Ice & Fuel Co., you'll get the very best coal in the market. Their coal is perfectly screened; it is free from all coal impurities and burns up to fine ashes. Prices fluctuate but they always quote the lowest possible, and will deliver anywhere in the city promptly.

They supply homes and factories with all kinds of hard and soft coal, and are right every time-right in weight; right in quality; right on time, as promised. They also deal in the best grades of pure, clean ice, and make a specialty of Lake Michigan ice, which is sold at uniformly low prices.

Messrs. Bullis Bros. succeeded E. B. Wilcox here about two years ago, and the people have come to know that these lines that they will satisfactorily look after their orders. They are most worthy and esteemed citizens and enjoy a patronage of well merited proportions.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 Home Steam Laundry, W. H. Phister, Prop.

The residents of this city and Wood county may fairly be congratulated upon having the plant of the Home Steam Laundry in its own building at No. 25 West Wooster street, with such ample and excellent facilities for procuring the best possible services in laundry work.

Mr. W. H. Phister began here four years ago

Home Laundry Stationery

and his plant is the largest and most complete in Wood county being equipped with all the latest improved machinery and devices know to the industry. Only first-class work is done; the highest quality being guaranteed, while the rates are the standard laundry prices. Employment is given to a number of skilled hands, and all work is executed in a prompt and superior manner without injury to the garments. Agencies are maintained in all the principal towns of the county and out of town work is particularly catered to.

Mr. Phister is a thorough laundry man, and by energetic methods has pushed himself to the front rank and is deserving of much praise and patronage.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 Personal Services

 G. H. McCartney, Optician and Opticist

The practitioners of a city in their character reflect the general worth of the community. Bowling Green may lay claim to being fortunate and merited in this respect, as it is represented by energetic, able and conscientious professional men. In the optical field a name prominently identified with success is that of Dr. G. H. McCartney, who has made wonderful progress in the practice of his chosen profession. He is a graduate of the Detroit Optical College, and under its authority and direction gives private instructions, to those who wish to enter this field of science.

Dr. McCartney has been located here for the past four years, and is the only exclusive practitioner in this branch in Wood county. He makes a specialty of intractable cases of eye defects and muscular anomalies, guaranteeing his work and all materials used. Dr. McCartney's parlors in the Reed & Merry block are equipped with all modern appliances, and that he has been successful since locating here, is shown by his record book which contains the names of over 1000 members of the best families in Wood county and shows that some of the most interesting cases known to ophthalmic science have been successfully treated by him. In fact Dr. McCartney is found thoroughly acquainted with all the branches of his chosen profession, from the lowest to the highest, and the host of friends that he has made since coming here rejoice in his success.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 Edward Veler, Stenographer, Notary

Along with the many other advancements of the present age that of the stenographer has kept pace and become most important. The old method of writing letters, documents, etc. is out of date, and every modern business man requires the services of a trained and competent stenographer. The subject of this sketch, Mr. Edward Veler, has thoroughly prepared himself to do all work in this line, and those requiring such services will do well by calling upon him. He is located in the law office of James & Beverstock in the First National Bank building, and besides doing all kinds of work in the above line, he also does Notary Public work.

Mr. Veler is well known and highly esteemed in Bowling Green's circles, and he can always be relied upon for honest, prompt and satisfactory work.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900


 A. V. Powell, Undertaker and Embalmer

There has been so much interest attached to all matters that pertain to interments that the calling of the regular undertaker takes a place among the professions; while such branches as embalming are now conducted on exact scientific principles. The subject of this sketch, Mr. A. V. Powell, is one of the leading undertakers and embalmers of northwestern Ohio, and in the four years that he has been established here he has made a most noteworthy success. Being a graduate of Clark's school of embalming, of Chicago, and Prof.

Finkbeiner Funeral Company & Hearse, ca. 1900

Sullivan's school, of Toledo, he is thoroughly and practically experienced in every detail of the profession and the management of funerals, and all duties incidental thereto are performed in the most careful manner.

Mr. Powell's business quarters on East Wooster street, near Main, are handsomely appointed and filled with a selection of funeral furnishings and paraphernalia that defy comparison. By able management and honorable methods, Mr. Powell has built up a patronage that is a just recognition of his many sterling qualities, and no man in our community is more highly regarded than he.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 D. W. Young, Undertaker and Embalmer

A profession which to successfully follow, and aside from the scientific knowledge involved, requiring the peculiar exercise of faculties not found in the ordinary individual, is that of the undertaker and embalmer. The reputation which Mr. D. W. Young has achieved in his experience here of about five years, is based on these qualifications, which are reflected in a patronage keenly appreciative of propriety and studies attention. The salesroom at No. 39 South Main street is neatly arranged and contains a large stock of caskets, coffins, robes, funeral furnishings and paraphernalia, and prompt attention is given to calls at all hours of the day and night. Throughout the establishment is well equipped and suggests Mr. Young's facilities for conducting a funeral in the acceptedly correct manner. The embalming department is equipped with the latest scientific devices, and Mr. Young is thoroughly up in all the details of the profession. The inhabitants of Bowling Green and Wood county can rest assured of obtaining at his hands services based on scientific knowledge, executive ability of a high order and a judicious regard for conventionalities, while charges are moderate and fair. Mr. Young does undertaking and embalming exclusively, and gives his entire time and attention to his business.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900