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NW Ohio History: Transportation - 1900

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When transportation was horse-drawn or by rail, the livery stable performed a vital service. People in town for the day, or those who could not stable and feed a horse on their own property could board their animals there, or save the expense and care by hiring a horse and carriage as the need arose. Other services available at the livery stable might include shoeing, carriage rental for personal, business, wedding, and funeral needs, and shipping locally and long-distance. In 1900, livery stables were solid business enterprises, yet just twenty years later, they were nearly all gone.

 John Avery, Livery & Transfer

Avery Livery Barn

The livery, feed, sale and transfer stable conducted by Mr. John Avery at No. 24 Court street, is acknowledged to have no superior in this section. Here the best of turnouts can be had at all hours, the best care is given to all stock, the highest prices paid for good horses, and the transfer department operated to

accommodate the wants of the public. In the ten years that Mr. Avery has conducted this barn he has won a high and enviable reputation for meeting all the requirements of the public, and for reasonable prices. Trains are met at all hours of the day or night, traveling men are satisfactorily looked after, and private parties, weddings, funerals, etc. are particularly catered to. Mr. Avery is an enthusiastic and competent horseman, a genial and worthy citizen, and he is highly esteemed throughout the community.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 A. G. Carter, Livery

We desire to call special attention to the large and popular stable owned by A. G. Carter at No. 38 North Main Street. This business has been ably conducted for the past eight years, and the quarters occupied have accommodations for many head of horses. Special attention is given to the feeding teams for farmers and caring for their goods, and all who call on Mr. Carter will be pleased with the treatment they received. His stock includes some fine roadsters. The finest of turnouts can be had at all hours, and special attention is given to party, wedding, funeral and commercial trade.

Mr. Carter never disappoints his customers, and is always reliable and faithful in meeting every demand of the public. He is a popular citizen and enjoys a large patronage among the people of this section.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 A. Cook, Bus & Transfer Line

When we consider that Mr. Cook has for more than 14 years been faithfully serving the public in the above line, it is no exaggeration for us to express the opinion that he is the leading man in his line in Bowling Green. His bus and transfer wagons meet all trains and electric cars, and passengers and baggage are hauled to any part of the city at most reasonable prices. All orders left at his place of business at 14 West Wooster street, have the promptest and most careful attention.

Mr. Cook is so well known as a leading and reliable business man, and a popular citizen that it is almost a waste of words to introduce him. He is always active in worthy public enterprises, and enjoys in an unlimited degree, the esteem and confidence of the public.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 C. R. Cook, Livery & Bowling Alley

In the rear of the Hotel Brown on Court street, Mr. Cook conducts a well stocked and equipped livery, feed and sale stable, while his bowling alley is one of the best in the state. His stable is well arranged and stocked and besides furnishing the most handsome turnouts, he makes a specialty of feeding teams for farmers and others. His horses are stylish and reliable,

Cook Stationery

his vehicles the best, and services are guaranteed to be in every way satisfactory, while prices are reasonable.

The bowling alley, conducted in connection, is of the best make and regulation size, and here those enjoying this most popular of indoor manly sports will find their wants carefully attended to.

Mr. Cook has been in this business here for the past seven months, and has conducted it with such energy and ability, and is so popular with the people, that he enjoys a well merited patronage and is very successful.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 S. S. Hopkins & Son, Carriage & Blacksmith

S. S. Hopkins & Sons have demonstrated that they are thorough masters of their trade, and this is a point of no little merit in a business so important as theirs. When we have a horse to shoe we want it done by one who can do it properly, and in carriage work and general blacksmithing the same conditions apply.

They are thoroughly conversant with all the requirements of their business, and every piece of work is done in a skilled and workmanlike manner.

At No. 72 South Main street, they have a complete blacksmith shop and carriage shop, and in the 15 years that they have been located here they have built up a reputation and patronage that extends all over Wood county. They can shoe a horse, build, trim and paint a buggy, and do general repairing; and while guaranteeing satisfaction in every case their charges are most reasonable.

Messrs. S. S. Hopkins & Sons are popular and esteemed citizens and their success is looked upon with favor by the people of this section by whom they are well regarded.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 D. D. Prosser, Carriageworks

There is an art in everything, and it is important in having carriage work done that only those who are skilled in the art be employed. In Mr. D. E. Prosser we find a man who is expertly skilled in all the details of this art. He has been in business here for the past 12 years and his shop at the corner of Main and Oak streets is equipped with all the tools and devices needed in his line of work, and first class stock of goods is kept on hand.

Mr. Prosser makes a specialty of carriage woodwork and trimming and he is thoroughly competent to execute any order that may be given him. He takes pride in using only first-class materials and turning out only first-class work, and every job is guaranteed to give satisfaction. In this important industry it is a credit to any city to have such as able exponent, and THE DEMOCRAT joins with the general public in wishing Mr. Prosser continued success and prosperity.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 H. W. Sterling, Livery

This barn at No. 42 North Main street has elegant box and single stall accommodations for a large number of horses. The stock is a superior one, many of them being goers, and those who delight in making lively time on the road will find what they want here; also quiet and gentle horses for ladies. The laudable ambition of this livery is seen to advantage in the style, finish and elegance of its vehicles, and all in all, the turnouts cannot be surpassed if equaled, in the county. All prices prevailing here are popular, services the best and satisfaction guaranteed. A specialty is made of accommodating travelers, and in furnishing drivers who are thoroughly acquainted with all the roads. Mr. Sterling has been in the business her for the past four and a half years, and is a man of unmistakable integrity and enterprise, and is fully deserving of a large measure of public favor and patronage.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900

 Studebaker Repository, Carriages & Wagons - J. W. Long, Manager

It is almost an invariable rule that in all great centers of business there are certain houses in each line of trade that stand pre-eminent, and have by close attention to business built up a liberal and substantial patronage. Such an establishment in Bowling Green is that of Mr. J. W. Long, manager of the Studebaker Repository, which was opened three years ago. An entire double building, comprising over 5,000 square feet of space is occupied on South Main street. Here is carried a full and complete stock of the well

Studebaker Carriages, J. W. Long

known and famous products of the Studebaker Bros. Manufacturing Co., which consist of wagon, carriages, buggies and vehicles of all kinds, as well as every variety of harness and horse goods. In fact this is the largest and finest equipped repository in Northern Ohio, and some idea of business done can be had when it is shown that nearly 300 vehicles were sold from this establishment in 1899.

J. W. Long Carriages

The goods of the Studebaker company are universally recognized as having no superiors, and by energetic methods Mr. Long has extended their reputation and sale into all parts of the surrounding country.

Mr. Long has the confidence and hearty support of this great concern, which he so ably represents, and he will ever continue to offer the residents of Wood county and

vicinity the very best inducements in goods and prices, and to maintain his high reputation as a worthy and progressive citizen.

The Studebaker line of goods for 1900 is finer than any ever before shown in Wood county.

--Wood County Democrat, February 16, 1900