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The Center for Archival Collections is open to the public and welcomes both on-campus and off-campus users. A few basic procedures are listed below which provide for both the access to and continued preservation of the historically valuable documents at the CAC. Scholars and the general public will find much useful information for their research visit in the online Libguide.

Information about our hours and location is found on the linked pages.

Closed Stacks: All materials at the CAC are in closed stacks and do not circulate. Visitors wishing to examine CAC materials must complete a researcher request form. A reference section is available for browsing and two computer terminals allow users to search the library catalog.

Catalog: All CAC materials appear in the on-line catalog. Be sure to record the entire call number as well as the author and title of the material you wish to use. All of this information must be given on the CAC request form.

Rules Governing Access: Visitors may bring computers, paper, pencil, and necessary notebooks into the research room. No pens are allowed. All other materials must be stored in lockers provided by the CAC.

Copying: Photocopying services are available at the CAC, using a BG-1 copy card or payment invoice.  CAC staff reserve the right to prohibit the copying of rare or fragile documents.

Scanning: Scanning services are available as time permits. Requests are handled by CAC staff who reserve the right to prohibit the scanning of rare or fragile documents. Costs are charged per image scanned. Please plan for a minimum of two business days to complete the request.


Patrons requesting general information about the CAC's manuscripts, newspapers, and other holdings can contact us by telephone, electronic mail, or regular mail.

The minimum service fee is $25.00 per hour for a maximum of two hours. This includes up to four copies free of charge. Thereafter, the cost of photocopies is an additional $.15 per page. Inquiries or photocopy requests requiring more than two hours of staff time must be negotiated in advance. WE CAN NOW ACCEPT CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS. Patrons' credit cards will be billed for search time, additional photocopies, postage/handling, and 6.5% sales tax (Ohio residents only) prior to receipt of material.  Please note that many of the Center's original materials are too fragile to photocopy or reproduce.

For local government records ONLY: If the patron has a correct, exact citation for a record (county, office, record group, volume, and page number), staff will copy up to four (4) pages per request at a cost of $5.00, which includes postage and handling. If the patron does not have an exact citation, OR if the citation given is incorrect, the $25.00 per hour fee structure will be in effect. Note: Obituaries, manuscripts, and books are not local government records.

Please allow 30 days for response from the Center reference staff.

Requests for genealogical searches must include the name of the individual to be searched for, the type and location of record, and the dates to be searched. Queries which lack this data will be delayed. Please include your full name and postal address, as well as your e-mail address in the body of the message. Information for credit card payment authorization may be given over the telephone.  All electronic requests will be acknowledged through e-mail, but then completed through the U.S. Postal Service.

For suggestions about writing a query, please see our Genealogy Aids.

Remember: Please include your full name and postal address as well as your e-mail address in the body of the message!

Send your reference questions to Ask an Archivist.