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 Photograph Reproduction Fees

Black and White Reprints: Single Use and Not for Distribution

5 x 7$12.00
8 x 10$15.00
11 x 14$20.00

Larger sizes must be printed off-site. Please ask for cost for specific services.

 Electronic Images & Scanning

Staff will do all scanning of photographs or other images. Please specify image format and resolution desired.

Cost: $12.00 per image

Delivery methods are determined by image file size. We provide either a zip disk or CD, as we cannot use patron's media.

Delivery costs

  • Electronic or URL delivery is at no charge, plus image cost.
  • Zip disk cost is $10.00 per disk, plus image cost.
  • CD cost is $5.00 per CD, plus image cost.

When the zip disk or CD is to be mailed, there will be no additional shipping and handling charges.

 Photograph Publication Use Fee

A use fee, in addition to photographic reproduction fees, is charged for one-time publication rights. We request that credited use state: "Courtesy of Center for Archival Collections, Bowling Green State University" or "Courtesy of Historical Collections of the Great Lakes, Bowling Green State University," depending upon the source of the original photograph.

Type of UsePurposeCost Per Image

Editorial use includes use within books, periodicals, video production, and other published works, including those in electronic format.

Advertising use and other non-editorial uses, includes such uses as on book covers, posters, brochures, and websites.