Center for Archival Collections

About the HCGL

The Historical Collections of the Great Lakes (HCGL) is part of the Center for Archival Collections at Bowling Green State University. Its purpose is to collect, preserve, and make available to scholars, students, and the public, historical materials documenting the Great Lakes region and connecting waterways. The HCGL's collections include materials related to commercial shipping, shipbuilding, navigation, maritime law, commercial fishing, shipwrecks, yachting, labor history, popular literature, freshwater ecology, recreation, and the history of Great Lakes ports.

An overview of the variety of research topics drawn from the HCGL collections which have recently resulted in publications or film presentations was the focus of the December 2005 Archival Chronicle . Photographs and artwork found in the collections of the Historical Collections of the Great Lakes were featured in the December 2005 Archival Chronicle Gallery . Commerce on the Great Lakes was the subject of the March 2006 issue. The HCGL's extensive image collection will continue to be the source for Gallery essays from time to time.