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The Center for Archival Collections has an active newspaper collecting and microfilming program in nineteen northwest Ohio counties. To date, the CAC has collected over 650 titles covering almost 6,000 microfilm rolls of newspapers previously held by publishers, courthouses, and libraries. This guide is intended to aid the researcher who needs to locate these newspapers. The holdings for each title may vary from a single issue to a series spanning more than a century.

Using the Guide

Entries first are arranged by the city in which the newspaper was published, then alphabetically by the most recent title used by the newspaper. The data following the title includes frequency, type of newspaper (e.g., general, collegiate, religious, etc.), its editorial politics, its title variations, and special notes on mergers or other information. Finally, the CAC holdings are listed. Titles resulting from mergers are treated as separate entries. For example, the Carey Progressor merged with the Carey Times to form the Progressor Times. Each of the three titles is listed separately. If the new title is superseded by a title variation, appropriate cross-references are made to the latest title. Titles listed in the variations are not cross-referenced; therefore, researchers should examine the notes on variations for all newspapers within the appropriate city to determine if the CAC holds a specific title. The entries also note, by using an asterisk (*), if the newspaper or portions of it are on microfilm.

Using the Topic Guide

The Topic Guide lists each newspaper by the county as well as by the city in which it was published, its type (e.g., collegiate, religious, etc.), its editorial politics, or foreign language. Links lead the researcher to the main entry for the city (described above). The newspaper title can then be located by scrolling down to its main entry. The "back" button on the browser can be used to return to the Topic Guide.

Holdings for Cities

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