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The History Project: Reflections on the Student Affairs Profession
Dr. Michael R. Laliberte
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

The History Project: Reflections on the Student Affairs Profession entails gathering oral histories from individuals who have had major influences on the development of the student affairs profession. Through this project I have gathered the rich and educational stories from these individuals, thus creating an eternal tribute to them as individuals and professionals. It also serves as a permanent contribution to the research on the history of the student affairs profession.

The intent of this research is to capture the histories and experiences of those individuals who served as trailblazers and pioneers in the development of the contemporary student affairs profession. By studying these professionals, this research will provide insight into the development of the profession, specifically on how and why it changed, adapted, and strengthened itself over time. It will also be useful as a guide for student affairs professionals as they inevitably deal with situations similar to those of their early predecessors.

The methodology used in this research is the collection of oral histories. Senior members of the student affairs profession, who have been major contributors to the knowledge base of the profession, were invited to contribute their experiences. Each of these individuals participated in interviews that were audio/video recorded (digitally) at the 2005 or 2006 ACPA Annual National Convention and at the 2005 or 2006 NASPA Annual National Convention.

The results include three significant contributions to the student affairs profession. First, I will donate the collection of digital video recordings to, and permanently house them in, the National Student Affairs Archives at Bowling Green State University. Second, a video presentation emphasizing the historical roots of our profession has been prepared for the 2007 ACPA/NASPA Joint Meeting in Orlando, FL. I drew the data for this presentation from edited interviews in this study. Third, I am preparing a written publication highlighting the significant findings from the interviews, ready for publication after the 2007 ACPA/NASPA Joint Meeting.

The Interviewees...
William "Bill" Asbury Carmen Neuberger
Margaret "Peggy" Barr Leila Moore
John Blackburn Robert Nash
Harry Canon Paul Oliaro
Jill Carnaghi Jean Paratore
Judy Chambers Jim Rhatigan
Michael Cuyjet Dennis "Denny" Roberts
Jon Dalton Art Sandeen
Marsha Duncan Charles Schroeder
Nancy Evans John Schuh
Jane Fried Carney Strange
Tom Flynn Pat Terenzini
Jackie Gribbons William "Bud" Thomas
Cynthia Johnson Susan Weitz
Susan Komives Lynn Willett
George Kuh Terry Williams
Keith Miser Bob Young


June 29, 2012

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