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BGSU Trivia Quiz #6 - Answers

BGSU Trivia was created for the 75th Anniversary of Bowling Green State University in 1985. Similar in play to the popular game, "Trivial Pursuit", questions were organized into six categories-people, sports, places, odds-n-ends, campus life, and history. To mark the Centennial celebration of the University, the Center for Archival Collections will present a quiz each month, featuring two questions from each of the categories. An interactive version is also available.  Test your knowledge and have fun!

Quiz #6--March 2009

  1. The first woman to be admitted to the Army ROTC program was in what academic year?
    • c) 1972-1973
  2. A self-government association of women students organized in 1918. It sponsored such events as Big Sisters, Girls’ Prom, and Penny Fair. What was it called?
    • c) The Women's League.  This organization eventually became associated with the national Association of Women Students.
  3. What is the name of the precision skating team that performs between periods at BG hockey games?
    • b) Falconettes
  4. She was Miss BGSU in 1969 and went on to become Miss Ohio and first runner-up to Miss America. She is
    • b) Kathy Baumann. The other choices were contestants in the 1985 Miss Ohio pageant and BGSU students.
  5. A popular campus event of the 1950s had the women asking out the men. This “shocking” event was
    • c) Sadie Hawkins Day, inspired by the popular Al Capp cartoon, Li'l Abner
  6. In one of BGSU’s many appearances in the National Invitational Tournament, every participating team except Bowling Green was implicated in a point shaving scandal. (Gamblers later admitted being afraid to approach Falcon players because of their intense loyalty to Coach Anderson.) The year was
    • a) 1949 NIT Basketball Tournament
  7. Which was the first women’s dorm to abandon a dorm government and hours for women?
    • b) Prout was the only dorm on campus to have no hours and no government in 1968-69.
  8. Of the 18 holes on the Forrest Creason Golf Course, the most difficult hole for women (by handicap rank) is hole #1. What hole is ranked the most difficult for men?
    • b) Hole #6 for men
  9. Originally built in 1921 to be used as an Elementary Training School, this building was remodeled in 1959 and dedicated to the co-author of the bill changing Kent and Bowling Green Normal Schools to Colleges in 1929.
    • c) Hanna Hall, named for Myrna Reese Hanna
  10. In 1930, freshmen women were allowed to stay out until 8 PM on weeknights and upperclass women until 10 PM. All women could be out on Friday and Saturday until
    • b) 12:00 Midnight.  Later, for special events, 1 a.m.'s were granted.
  11. What is the length of a collegiate women’s cross country race?
    • b) 5,000 meters
  12. In 1975 the US Congress passed this bill which guaranteed equality for women in all areas of educational endeavors, including athletics. This bill was:
    • b) Title IX

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