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BGSU Trivia Quiz #10

BGSU Trivia was created for the 75th Anniversary of Bowling Green State University in 1985. Similar in play to the popular game, "Trivial Pursuit", questions were organized into six categories-people, sports, places, odds-n-ends, campus life, and history. To mark the Centennial celebration of the University, the Center for Archival Collections will present a quiz each month, featuring two questions from each of the categories.  An interactive version is also available.  Test your knowledge and have fun!

Quiz #10--July 2009

  1. In 1921 the Ohio General Assembly decided that parents should share with the state the cost of a student’s college education. The first tuition fee was
    • a) $5 a semester
    • b) $10 a semester
    • c) $10 a year
    • d) $200 a year
  2. Bowling Green State Normal College began operations in 1914. What other event of national significance occurred in this year?
    • a) World War I began in Europe
    • b) Gold was discovered in Colorado
    • c) New Mexico became the 48th state
    • d) Ohio State University fielded its first football team
  3. Edwin L. Moseley came to BGSCNC in 1914 and taught all the science courses. White of the following was he not noted for?
    • a) His study of tree rings
    • b) His studies of white snakeroot
    • c) His museum
    • d) His fashionable clothing
  4. Which of the following comedians is a BGSU alumnus?
    • a) Red Skelton
    • b) Joe E. Brown
    • c) Bill Cosby
    • d) Tim Conway
  5. A student taking a phonetics course is studying
    • a) Muscles
    • b) Aging
    • c) Sounds
    • d) Bumps on the head
  6. The total number of buildings on the BG campus is
    • a) 25-49
    • b) 50-74
    • c) 75-99
    • d) Over 100
  7. The first classes convened in September 1914. However, none of the buildings on campus were completed. Where in Bowling Green were the first classes held?
    • a) Wood County Courthouse
    • b) Ridge Street Elementary School
    • c) Armory Building
    • d) Methodist Church
  8. Which of the following local bars has operated the longest under the same name?
    • a) Howards
    • b) Mark’s
    • c) Uptown
    • d) Main Street
  9. Dress codes were published in the earlier years and even into the mid-1960s, women were prohibited from wearing jeans except
    • a) To class
    • b) In the library
    • c) To church
    • d) In the Union
  10. Women students could only do this in daylight with four or more people or with an approved chaperone.
    • a) Entertain men in a dorm room
    • b) Sunbathe
    • c) Dance
    • d) Ride in a car
  11. BG’s first honorary society, Book and Motor, also sponsored the College’s first
    • a) Student Loan fund
    • b) Newspaper
    • c) Homecoming
    • d) Academic scholarship
  12. Among the memorabilia at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto is the jersey of the first player to win an Olympic gold Medal and play on a Stanley Cup Championship team in the same year. Who is this former Falcon hockey player?
    • a) Bob Dobek
    • b) Doug Ross
    • c) Ken Morrow
    • d) Mark Wells

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