Centennial Perspectives

Master Teacher Award

Chemistry Class

At left, a chemistry professor demonstrates an experiment for his class during the 1940s.

More than buildings, more than classes, it is people who make Bowling Green State University what it is
--and what it has been.

Master Teacher Award Winners

The Master Teacher Award is presented to a full-time faculty or staff member with a minimum of three years full-time service to the University. The recipient must have scholarly knowledge of his or her subject matter and present the material in an organized and effective manner.  Instructors are nominated by students. Nominees then submit an application including a questionnaire about what they feel is important as educators and what attributes a master teacher would have.  Finalists submit a 30 minute video recording of their classroom teaching and are interviewed by a committee of five to ten undergraduates with an advisor from the Student Alumni Connection, which selects the winner.  The award is presented by the Student Alumni Connection and the BGSU Alumni Association.

The award was originally created by the Alumni Association in order to demonstrate that superior teaching is a high priority for the University and to provide an incentive for excellent teaching.

1982  Raymond Tucker       1997  Laura Juarez de Ku
1983Steven Ludd 1998Bonnie Fink
1984Peter Hutchinson 1999Steve Rogelberg
1985Carl Holmberg 2000Tim Fuerst
1986Robert Romans 2001Daniel Brahier
1987Martha Rogers 2002Irina Stakhanova
1988Elizabeth Allgeier 2003Michael French
1989M. Neil Browne 2004Gene Poor
1990Cynthia Strong 2005Brett Holden
1991Ruth Olscamp 2006Jeffrey Gordon
1992Lee Meserve 2007Kenneth Snead
1993W. Robert Midden 2008Earl Boatwright
1994Charles Kahle 2009---
1995Vincent Kantorski 2010Heath Diehl
1996Jack Nachbar 2011To Be Named