Centennial Perspectives

People: Administrative Staff Council

At left, Administrative Staff Council in session.

In May 1982, a group of contract staff met informally to explore the possibility of forming a representative group to “assess and express the needs and concerns of all contract staff members here at BGSU.” Staff members present at the meeting unanimously passed a motion to form an ad hoc steering committee to investigate and propose an ongoing, permanent organizational structure.

Administrative Staff Council Chairs

1982-1983  Cary Brewer1997-1998  Duane Whitmire
1983-1984 Cary Brewer1998-1999 Deborah Boyce
1984-1985 Joe Martini1999-2000 Paul Lopez
1985-1986 Gregg DeCrane2000-2001 Mary Beth Zachary  
1986-1987 Deb Heineman, Paul Yon  2001-2002 John Clark
1987-1988 Suzanne Crawford2002-2003 Laura Emch
1988-1989 Pat Fitzgerald2003-2004 Robin Veitch
1989-1990 Jill Carr2004-2005 Joe Luthman
1990-1991 Gregg DeCrane2005-2006 Lona Leck
1991-1992 Josh Kaplan2006-2007 Steve Kendall
1992-1993 Ann Bowers2007-2008 Steve Kendall
1993-1994 Greg Jordan2008-2009 Sara Zulch-Smith
1994-1995 Pat Green2009-2010 Nancy Vanderlugt, Sara Zulch-Smith
1995-1996 Bryan Benner2010-2011  
1996-1997 Joan Morgan2011-2012