Centennial Perspectives

People: Classified Staff Council

At left, Classified Staff Council

Established in 1979, Classified Staff Council’s (CSC) primary purpose is to provide a direct channel of communication between classified employees and University administrators. CSC adheres to the University’s Core Values which include:

  • Respect for one another
  • Cooperation
  • Intellectual and spiritual growth
  • Creative imaginings
  • Pride in a job well done

CSC is comprised of classified employees representing various organizational areas of the University. All permanent full-time and part-time classified employees who are employed at BGSU and have completed their probationary period are eligible for election to Council. The CSC was originally called the Personnel Steering Committee until the name was changed in 1982 to the Classified Staff Advisory Committee. It was changed once again in 1985 to the Classified Staff Council.

Classified Staff Council Chairs

1979-1980  Sandy Miesmer  1999-2000   Scott Blackwood
1980-1981  John Ketzer  2000-2001  Laurel Zawodny
1981-1982  Suzanne Andrews  2001-2002  Anne Tracy
1982-1983   Chris Sexton  2002-2003  Barb Garay
1983-1984  David Maley  2003-2004  Becky Paskvan     
1984-1985  David Maley  2004-2005  Kathy McBride
1985-1986  Sharon Stuart  2005-2006  Nancy Posey
1986-1987  Charlotte Starnes  2006-2007  Laurie Sawaie
1987-1988  Bob Kreinenkamp  2007-2008  Judy Hageman
1988-1989  Bob Kreinenkamp  2008-2009  Faith Olson
1989-1990  Joyce Hyslop  2009-2010   Lorrie Sawaie
1990-1991  Kathy Eninger  2010-2011   
1991-1992  Roger Swope  2011-2012   
1992-1993  Bob Kreinenkamp  2012-2013   
1993-1994  Bob Kreinenkamp  2013-2014   
1994-1995  Kathy Eninger  2014-2015   
1995-1996  Nancy White Lee  2015-2016   
1996-1997  Pat Kitchen  2017-2018   
1997-1998  Faith Olson  2018-2019   
1998-1999  Jay Samelak  2019-2020