Centennial Perspectives

Student Life: Student Government

Divided into three parts, the Student Senate consisted of an executive committee, an elections committee, and a student court. The executive committee handled the serious problems confronting the student body. The student court dealt summarily with violators of many of the established rules on campus such as illegal parking of student cars and smoking in restricted zones. The court reviewed each case and then dealt with it. The elections committee had control of the various elections on campus. The rules were set by them concerning the proper voting and tabulating procedures.

Students were appointed from the senate to act as chairmen of the nine functional committees. Fees, athletics, artist series, student publications, student employment, social affairs, and the student union were the various committees so advised.--Key, 1950

Student Senate/Student Council, 1950-1959


President    James Galloway
Elizabeth Arnholt   
Vice President Elizabeth Arnolt
Secretary Nancy Hickenlooper  
Treasurer William Bishop


President Louis Daigneau President until Feb
Marion Hampton after Feb
Vice President Marion Hampton
Secretary Dorothy Burger
Treasurer Vernon Wright


President Bob Taylor
Vice President Nick Mileti
Secretary Evelyn Pond
Treasurer Denver Price
Parliamentarian   Adele Kihlken
Chaplin Charles Glaser


President Albert Dykes


President    Charles Green
Vice President Nancy Brown
Secretary Carol Payne
Treasurer Robert Troknya
Parliamentarian Dale Lee
Chaplin Chuck Jacobs


President Carol Payne
Vice President Kay Metz
Secretary Mary Lou Wagner
Treasurer Herb Luyk


President Jean Goldinger
Marion Hampton (after Feb)
Vice President Marion Hampton
Secretary Dorothy Burger
Treasurer Vernon Wright


In 1956-1957, the Student Senate was dissolved and replaced by three boards.
Student Elections Committee Sandra Clark, Chair
Spirit & Traditions Board Nancy Looman, Chair
Student Charities Committee Linda Wipior, Chair


No Information


September 24, 1958 was the first meeting of the Student Council
President Norman Nunamaker

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