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Alumni Service Award

The BGSU Alumni Association awards program recognizes individuals who personify the University’s tradition as an institution of excellence. Through outstanding achievements and contributions, these individuals bring honor to Bowling Green State University, the Alumni Association and the nearly 153,000 graduates the Association represents.

Anyone can nominate a BGSU graduate or friend of the University who has provided exceptional leadership or innovation in their profession or community. Additional materials such as a biographical sketch, curriculum vitae, newspaper clippings or other supporting documentation may be included in addition to the nomination application.

The decision of the Awards Committee and the Alumni Board of Trustees are guided by the materials submitted by the nominator.

Distinguished Alumni Award

1964   Ivan Lake1990  Cherie Orwig
1965Maxine Welker1991William H. Ficken, Jr.
1966 Weldon A. Smith1992Theodore G. Jenkins
1967Richard D. Humphrey1993Sally Blair
1968Richard Shelton1994Simon Shapiro
1969Jonathan B. Ladd1995Thomas Walton
1970Donald G. Simmons1996James E. Hof
1971C. Richard Marsh1997Helen Lloyd
1972Charles E, Shanklin1998Jeffrey Bryden
1973Gordon L. Ward1999V. Jean Hersland
1974Don E. Cook
Donald M. Gossard
2000Willie Young
1975Fred M. Ulreich2001William Butterfield
James F. Meyer
Linda Martens
1976Karl G. Schwab2002Judith A, Sommers
1977Don Cunningham2003Gregg DeCrane
Joseph Martini
1978James P. Oliver2004Shirley Mercer Paley
1979Kenneth Kisselle2005Edward Limbach
1980William P. Day2006Andrew E. Householder
1981Wallace Jones2007Gerald Baker
1982William Primrose, Jr.2008David Weindandy
1983Larry and Joann Schroeder Miles2009Philip Ridolfi
1984William R. Bittner2010 
1985Richard Doll2011 
1986Lamont ‘Monty’ Greene2012 
1987William J. Lloyd2013 
1988Charles F. and Jane P. Arnold2014 
1989Thomas C. Liber2015