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BGSU Trivia Quiz #13

BGSU Trivia was created for the 75th Anniversary of Bowling Green State University in 1985. Similar in play to the popular game, "Trivial Pursuit", questions were organized into six categories-people, sports, places, odds-n-ends, campus life, and history. To mark the Centennial celebration of the University, the Center for Archival Collections will present a quiz each month, featuring two questions from each of the categories.  An interactive version is also available.  Test your knowledge and have fun!

Quiz #13--October 2009

  1. Bowling Green State Normal College began operations in 1914. What other event of national significance occurred in this year?
    • a) WW I began in Europe
    • b) Gold was discovered in Colorado
    • c) New Mexico became the 48th State
    • d) Ohio State University fielded its first football team
  2. The school colors originally chosen for Bowling Green State Normal College were:
    • a) Blue and gold
    • b) Orange and brown
    • c) Black and gold
    • d) Red and gray
  3. On November 4, 1979, the U. S. Embassy in Iran was seized. One of the hostages was a 1972 graduate of BGSU
    • a) Joseph Subic
    • b) Steven Lauterbach
    • c) Dave Foukrod
    • d) Mark Kelly
  4. What famous bandleader played for the opening of the Grand Ballroom in the University Union in 1958?
    • a) Duke Ellington
    • b) Dave Brubeck
    • c) Doc Severinson
    • d) Guy Lombardo
  5. Giant Hamburg, a long-time BG diner closed its doors in the early 1980s. Where was it located?
    • a) North Main & Court
    • b) Courtyard of Mac Quadrangle
    • c) South Main near Clough
    • d) Wooster, east of the railroad tracks
  6. Powell's Pond was the site of an annual tug-of-war between these two classes:
    • a) Freshmen vs. Sophomores
    • b) Freshmen vs. Seniors
    • c) Sophomores vs. Juniors
    • d) Juniors vs. Seniors
  7. Which of the following was the first to arrive in Bowling Green?
    • a) McDonald's
    • b) Burger King
    • c) Dairy Queen
    • d) Wendy's
  8. In 1984, the Planetarium opened as art of the new Physical Sciences Laboratory. A planetarium is
    • a) A roof-top observatory for stargazing
    • b) A 118-seat theater of the universe
    • c) A large salt-water tank for marine life
    • d) A museum of planet Earth's eco-system
  9. What was the first year men students were allowed and able to live on campus?
    • a) 1914
    • b) 1929
    • c) 1933
    • d) 1939
  10. Rules in the 1940s required women students to have a chaperone along when riding in a car with a man? When was a chaperone not required?
    • a) Trip to the doctor
    • b) Trip to Toledo Library
    • c) Trip to a football game
    • d) Trip to church
  11. In 1921, this BGSU football coach compiled a 3-1-1 record, including a 151-0 win over Findlay College:
    • a) E. C. "Irish" Kreiger
    • b) R. B. "Mac" McCandless
    • c) Doyt L. Perry
    • d) "Bolo" Etoll
  12. Who is the present head coach of women's volleyball?
    • a) Andy Richards
    • b) Curt Miller
    • c) Denise Van De Walle
    • d) Stephanie Young

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