Centennial Perspectives

BGSU Trivia Quiz #15

BGSU Trivia was created for the 75th Anniversary of Bowling Green State University in 1985. Similar in play to the popular game, "Trivial Pursuit", questions were organized into six categories-people, sports, places, odds-n-ends, campus life, and history. To mark the Centennial celebration of the University, the Center for Archival Collections will present a quiz each month, featuring two questions from each of the categories.  An interactive version is also available.  Test your knowledge and have fun!

Quiz #15--December 2009

  1. A female falcon is a falcon. A male falcon is a
    • a) rooster
    • b) peregrine
    • c) talon
    • d) tiercel
  2. Which items appeared on the original Seal of the college and have since been dropped?
    • a) Hills and water
    • b) Book and motor
    • c) Sheaves of wheat
    • d) Hills and sun
  3. Who was the first BGSU graduate to be elected to Congress?
    • a) Charles Kurfess
    • b) Roger Anderson
    • c) Delbert Latta
    • d) Robert P. Hanrahan
  4. The 13 x 5' aluminum cast wall relief sculpture on the main floor of the Administration Building was created by
    • a) Marjorie S. Wright
    • b) Donald Drumm
    • c) Ron F. Bandy
    • d) Robert Mazur
  5. MAC stands for
    • a) Men's Athletic Commission
    • b) Mid-American Conference
    • c) Midwestern Athletic Conference
    • d) Middle America Conference
  6. The opening of the University Union was delayed due to this October 1957 event
    • a) Fire in the building
    • b) Tornado damage at the construction site
    • c) Flood from a 4-inch rainfall
    • d) Blizzard of 1957
  7. The original plans for Bowling Green Normal School called for two buildings:
    • a) A college building and a dormitory
    • b) A college building and an elementary school
    • c) A dormitory and a library
    • d) An elementary training school and a library
  8. The "Inner Campus" was
    • a) The original name for SIC SIC
    • b) The mall area east of the Administration building
    • c) A 1930s organization recognizing campus leaders
    • d) A mail service for offices and on-campus students
  9. Since 1978, this group will see you safely to and from places on campus
    • a) BGSU football team
    • b) Campus Scouts
    • c) Campus Escort Service
    • d) Campus Security
  10. Founded in 1952, the honor society for Air Force ROTC cadets is named for
    • a) General Arnold
    • b) General LeMay
    • c) General Doolittle
    • d) General Spaatz
  11. What machine cleans and resurfaces the ice in the Ice Arena?
    • a) Zepher
    • b) Zamboni
    • c) Toro
    • d) Cavallini
  12. This former coach twice won the 3000 meter NCAA steeplechase
    • a) Charles Simpson
    • b) Steve Dunn
    • c) Dave Wottle
    • d) Sid Sink

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