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BGSU Trivia Quiz #18 - Answers

BGSU Trivia was created for the 75th Anniversary of Bowling Green State University in 1985. Similar in play to the popular game, "Trivial Pursuit", questions were organized into six categories-people, sports, places, odds-n-ends, campus life, and history. To mark the Centennial celebration of the University, the Center for Archival Collections will present a quiz each month, featuring two questions from each of the categories. An interactive version is also available.  Test your knowledge and have fun!

Quiz #18--March 2010--Answers

  1. Rules governing use of the telephone, smoking and drinking on campus did not appear in the handbooks governing women's behavior on campus until
    • c) 1940s
  2. The "McDonald demonstrations" in 1961 were caused by all but one of the following:
    • d) The resignation of President McDonald was not a cause of these demonstrations, but the demonstrations caused McDonald to resign.
  3. The first recipients of BGSU Distinguished Alumni Awards were Dr. Paul Woodring, '30 and
    • a) Eva Marie Saint, '46.
  4. Which of the following buildings was named for a woman?
    • b) Hanna Hall was named for Myrna Reese Hanna. Prout Chapel was named for President Frank Prout.
  5. What do the initials RA stand for?
    • b) Resident Advisor
  6. Bowling Green State University is governed by the
    • c) The Board of Trustees has immediate supervision. The Board of Regents is the central governing agency for all state institutions.
  7. The Family & Consumer Sciences Building, completed in 1959, was funded by
    • d) State cigarette tax
  8. After the Music Department moved in 1979, this building became the home of the KEY and BG News.
    • a) West Hall was the Music Building from 1957-1979
  9. Until the mid-1960s, the dress code forbade women to wear jeans except
    • d) In the Union, on the first floor only.
  10. Women students could only do this in daylight with 4 or more people or an approved chaperone
    • Ride in a car
  11. The BGSU soccer field is named to honor
    • c) Mickey Cochrane, soccer and lacrosse coach for many years
  12. Who was BGSU's first All-American in hockey?
    • d) Ken Morrow

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