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People: James R. Overman

James Robert Overman
Faculty, Administrator

James Robert Overman was a graduate of Indiana University in 1909, and served Bowling Green State University from its beginning, hired in 1914 and retiring in 1956. Serving in the early years as the lone Mathematics professor, Dr. Overman became chair of that department as it grew, and from the beginning assisted in a variety of  administrative tasks.  Among these were registrar, assistant to President Williams, editor of the school’s course catalog, and the first librarian. Over time, he went on to become the first Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, the Dean of Men, and the first Dean of Faculty. He earned his Masters degree from Columbia University, and his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. Author of over a dozen mathematics textbooks, Dr. Overman also wrote The History of Bowling Green State University in 1967, covering the school's beginnings to 1963.

In 1960, the new Overman Hall science building was enlarged and dedicated to Overman.

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