Centennial Perspectives

Spirit & Traditions: The University Mace

The University Mace

The Mace, used as a weapon in medieval times, is employed today on many university campuses as a symbol of office. The Mace of the President of Bowling Green State University bears symbols and figures representing three related categories of human culture: areas of learning, the vicissitudes of culture, and the waxing and waning of human life.

Designed and created by Mr. Harold L. Hasselschwert, Assistant Professor of Art, the Mace weighs six and one-half pounds and is 27 inches long from the base to the head. It consists of four parts, the base, the shaft, the node, and the head. The head and node are of silver while the two shafts are blue and white sodalite. 

The inner sleeve of the head is engraved and enameled silver, creating a moiré effect as a backdrop for figures representing the six branches of learning: drama, art, literature, music, science, and commerce.

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