Centennial Perspectives

Spirit & Traditions: Shapes of BGSU

Many of the campus buildings are symbolic in their architecture and bring character to Bowling Green State University.

Moore Musical Arts Building
From the air, it resembles a baby grand piano. The building also has 88 practice rooms, to represent the 88 keys on a piano.
 Student Recreation Center
From the air, it resembles a falcon, the official mascot of the university.
 Bowen-Thompson Student Union
The Center of it All...at the heart of every organization, there's a magnet that draws people together, a force that fosters diversity, thrives on creativity, and inspires lasting action. At BGSU, that magnet is the Bowen-Thompson Student Union.
Jerome Library
The library resembles five books between two bookends representing the five colleges on campus at the time the library was built.
Little Red Schoolhouse
Located near the Education Building, the Little Red Schoolhouse was originally built in Norwalk, Ohio in 1875. The schoolhouse was brought to BGSU in 1975 and is called the Educational Memorabilia Center. Considering BGSU's history as a teacher's college, it is fitting to have the schoolhouse on campus. Over 1,000 people per year visit this historical site.
 Carillon Park
The carillon is located between the Education Building and Jerome Library. This was the site of the first football stadium and the clock tower stands on the fifty-yard line of the original field.

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