University Archives

Records Manual: Getting Started

  • Contact the University Archives at (419)372-2411 to create or revise a Records Retention Schedule for your office.
  • The University Archivist or designee will meet with you to complete an inventory of the records created and maintained in your office. A draft Schedule will be written by the University Archivist or designee based on the inventory and the recommended guidelines in the University Records Retention Schedule.
  • Once reviewed and if needed, revised, the Schedule must be signed by you or an appropriate office official and the University Archivist.
  • The original Schedule is maintained by the University Archivist and a copy is sent to you.
  • This Schedule is to be used for the disposition of all records created by your office. A Certificate of Records Destruction must be completed prior to the destruction of records.
  • The Schedule should be reviewed annually and can be revised at any time.

 Records Retention Schedules

A Records Retention Schedule (see sample or blank form) identifies record series and prescribes the time period that they must be retained and their ultimate disposition, according to the IUC Records Retention Schedule. The disposition of a record, as prescribed in a records retention schedule may range from immediate destruction or destruction after a period of time to permanent retention in the University Archives or elsewhere. The University Archivist or designee will complete the Records Retention Schedule for specific offices upon request. Office records should not be disposed of without an approved Records Retention Schedule.