University Archives

Records Manual: Disposing of Records

At the end of their retention period university records must, by law, be disposed of promptly and properly. Only those records required for audit, litigation, or ongoing administrative action may be kept beyond their retention period.

The three means of records disposition are:

  • Destruction
  • Temporary storage in the Records Center
  • Transfer to the University Archives

How Do I Destroy Records?

Prior to the destruction of University records, a Certificate of Records Disposal (see blank form or sample) must be completed. The original of the completed form should be sent to the University Archives and a copy maintained in your files. The Certificate is tied to your office's Schedule to ensure that your office records are being properly and legally destroyed. Once the Certificate is completed and filed, you may recycle non-confidential records and use Certified Document Destruction for the destruction of confidential records. The University has contracted with Certified Document Destruction to provide secure confidential records destruction service to all departments on campus. Please contact the University Archives (372-2411) to arrange for this service.

How Do I Transfer Records to the Records Center?

Records which you do not refer to often, but which have not yet reached the end of their retention period, can be transferred to the University Records Center if they are listed on an approved Records Retention Schedule. Please refer to the section on How Do I Store and Retrieve Records? for instructions on sending records to the Records Center.

A month prior to the destruction date for your office's records stored at the Records Center, the University Archivist or designee will contact you for destruction approval. The University Archivist or designee will be responsible for the proper and legal destruction of these records. Any confidential records will be shredded by Certified Document Destruction and your office will be billed for the shredding charges.

How Do I Transfer Records to the University Archives?

Some of the records listed in your office's Schedule will state that they should be transferred to the University Archives. These records are considered permanently valuable for historical, legal, fiscal, or administrative reasons. Please contact the University Archives (372-2411) prior to transferring these records to the University Archives.