University Archives

Records Manual: Storing & Retrieving

  • If you wish to store records in the University Records Center, first contact the University Archives (372-2411) to make transfer arrangements. Records will not be accepted for storage in the Records Center without contacting the University Archives and following the transfer procedure. Records not listed on an approved Records Retention Schedule will not be stored in the Records Center.
  • To transfer records to the Records Center, you must follow this procedure:
    • Place records into 1 cubic foot records storage boxes which are available for purchase from Office Depot (#402-139-Storage File Boxes). Allow one to two inches of empty space in each box to help with retrieving and re-filing records.
    • Label each box with the following information. You may use the Records Center Box Label found in the Forms section.
      • Department Name
      • Record Series Number and Title (according to Schedule)
      • Inclusive dates of records being transmitted and/or letters of the alphabet included
      • Destruction Date
      • No more than two record series should be included in each box.
  • The University Archivist or designee will arrange with you a convenient time for the boxes to be transferred to the Records Center.
  • If you need to retrieve a file (either temporarily or permanently), please contact the University Archives (Fax number: 419-372-7996). Retrieval will be completed as quickly as possible. For re-filing of retrieved files, also contact the University Archives (372-2411). Your file(s) will be picked up and re-filed in the appropriate box or boxes.