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Records Retention Schedule: Faculty Personnel

Official Faculty Personnel File Items

Disciplinary Documentation

Relevant supporting documentation that leads to disciplinary action should be kept in the official personnel file. Documentation regarding a violation of good teaching practices or equal opportunity and affirmative action regulations should be kept in the file if it leads to disciplinary action. If someone has a complaint against a faculty member that does not result in disciplinary action, the correspondence would be placed in the appropriate departmental/college file.

Grievance Documentation

Documentation that is part of a grievance that is filed with FPCC should be kept in a separate file that is attached to the official personnel file.

Legal Counsel Correspondence

Documentation marked as Confidential Attorney/Client Privileged Communication should not be released without permission from General Counsel. It should be labeled and kept in a separate manila file folder within the personnel file. These documents would not be released as part of a public records request.

Letters of Reprimand--if a reprimand letter states that it will be removed from the personnel file after a certain date, the letter would be pulled from the file and handled according to the records retention schedule.


Changes in Classification

When a staff member switches from classified/administrative to faculty or from faculty to classified/administrative, the files should be merged into one chronological file. If the individual is becoming a faculty member, the Provost's Office should request the classified/administrative file from Human Resources. A faculty member's personnel file should be forwarded to Human Resources if they are changing to classified/administrative staff.


When archiving faculty personnel files, retain the following vitae:

  • Vitae from original date of hire
  • Vitae from Reappointment Review binder
  • Vitae from Promotion and Tenure Review binder
  • Vitae from Promotion to Full Professor binder