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Higher Education & Student Affairs Inventory

Box 1

  1. Teleconference-Freedom in Cyberspace-planning file and videotape (WBGU-TV), September 30, 1996
  2. Teleconference-Campus Confidentiality on Trial: An Open or Closed Case?-planning file and videotape (WBGU-TV), November 14, 1997
  3. Teleconference-Higher Education Amendments of 1998: Implications for Campus Policy-planning file and videotape (WBGU-TV), October 29, 1999
  4. National Symposium-Focus on Student Learning: Imperatives for Student Affairs-planning file, Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 1994
  5. Presentations and papers by Dr. Carney Strange, 1979-1987
  6. Consultant Report by Dr. Carney Strange-Review of College Student Personnel Graduate Program at Western Illinois, 1985
  7. Consultant Report by Dr. Carney Strange-Student Involvement Audit at Lynchburg College, 1989
  8. CSP 502-teaching file, Fall 1990