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Doyt L. Perry Stadium

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By the 1960s, the location of the original football stadium in the center of campus posed a problem for the university's intellectual and physical growth in a number of ways. Not only did its location prevent the construction of more academic buildings in the area, the structure prevented easy travel across campus. Similarly, the football facility appeared outdated by this time when compared with other facilities of a similar nature at other schools nation-wide. Thus, in 1959, the University Board of Trustees approved

Doyt Perry Stadium

construction of a new modern facility east of campus. Since that time, Perry Stadium has been a center of activity on Saturdays throughout the fall. Currently, not only does its small, cozy atmosphere lend it a nostalgic feeling, but the modern press and luxury boxes preserves its status as one of the nicer and more comfortable stadiums in which to watch a game in the MAC conference.

Listed below are additional highlights in the history of the building:

  • 1937, the old stadium is completed. Located south of the Men's Gym, it included equipment rooms, and a residence for men including bedrooms, living room, lounge and kitchen under the bleachers. It was torn down to allow construction of academic facilities at the center of campus.
  • 1959, Board of Trustees approves plans for construction of the building.
  • 1961, the University purchases 171 acres of land east of the campus to be used for athletic facilities.
  • 1966, officially dedicated as "Doyt L. Perry Stadium."
  • 1967, construction completed at a final cost of $3.9 million. In addition to a playing field for football, the building will include space for offices, classrooms, locker rooms, and weight-lifting rooms.
  • 1983, new scoreboard installed.
  • 1986, renovation completed at a final cost of $30,000. Improvements include replacement of the bleachers and field covers.
  • 1987, new sign installed on east side of stadium at a cost of $12,000.
  • 1989, temporary lights transported to stadium for first night game in 30 years at a final cost of $45,000.
  • 1997, renovation completed at a final cost of nearly $2 million. Improvements included installation of new elevators, new ticket booths, new fencing, new carpeting, painting, and furniture for press and luxury boxes, as well as a remodeling of the President's Box.
  • 2001, field lighting us added to stadium along with new lighting in adjacent parking lots and sidewalks leading to the stadium.
  • 2002, fiberglass bleacher seats replaced on east side of stadium.