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Warren E. Steller Field

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Warren E. Steller Field

Named for arguably the most successful baseball coach in Bowling Green history, Warren E. Steller Field has played host to baseball games since the mid-1960s. The construction of the baseball field was evidence of another effort by the University administrators to upgrade the sports facilities on-campus. Along with construction of the new football stadium, the administration designed the baseball field to provide a modern facility that could measure up with similar facilities nation-wide. The university has done an excellent job of maintaining the modernity of the facility through constant care and renovation since that time. As a result, the field has proven advantageous for the recruitment of future baseball stars, as well as regional, conference, and state tournaments.

Listed below are additional highlights in the history of the building:

  • 1963, Board of Trustees approves construction of a new baseball diamond for use by the University's baseball team.
  • 1964, construction completed at a final cost of $150,000.
  • 1965, officially dedicated as "Warren E. Steller Field," after the instructor and coach of football (1924-1934), and baseball (1925, 1928-1959).
  • 1965, renovation completed. Improvements included installment of more bleachers and a new scoreboard.
  • 1968, renovation completed. Improvements included installation of a new watering system, additional bleachers bringing capacity up to 2,500, and the construction of a permanent press box.
  • 2002, new bleacher system and press box installed.