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Fine Arts Center

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 University administrators approved plans for construction of a Fine Arts Center in 1948 to centralize all artistic activities on-campus. Previously, the various sections of the Art Department were scattered campus-wide in an incongruous manner that prevented efficient coordination of department affairs. In addition, this construct prevented expansion of the program and attraction of high-level faculty. Since that time, the Fine Arts Complex has grown remarkably and continuous renovation of the facilities has accomplished its goal of efficient coordination and improving artistic creativity.

Listed below are additional highlights in the history of the building:

  • 1948, Board of Trustees approves plans for construction of an Art Building.
  • 1950, construction completed and building opens.
  • 1960, Board of Trustees approves plans for the construction of an addition to the building. Improvements include new lecture rooms, projection booth, lecture preparation booth, specifically designed facilities for drawing, oil painting, sculpture design, jewelry design print classes, two new "general" classrooms, and 13 faculty offices.
  • 1962, construction completed at a final cost of $409,000.
  • 1966, renovation of Fine Arts Building completed at a final cost of $15,000. Improvements included enlarging the gallery and the addition of a mezzanine.
  • 1972, Board of Trustees approves plans for the construction of a new Fine Arts Building extension and apply to the State of Ohio for financial assistance in financing the construction of the $6 million structure.
  • 1988, the State of Ohio finally approves $9 million in aid for construction of new facility.
  • 1991, construction of new Fine Arts Center begins.
  • 1992, construction of new Fine Arts Complex completed. Improvements allow for the centralization of entire Fine Arts Department, the opening of a new Fine Arts Gallery, new classrooms, and more studio space.
  • 2008, gallery entrance renovations.