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Memorial Hall/Anderson Arena

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In order to deal with the increasing population on campus in the fifties, the Board of Trustees approved construction of a building for "composite use in health and physical education, military and air science instruction, and auditorium and assembly activities." Moreover, the University dedicated the building to the memories of Bowling Green State University students who lost their lives in the armed forces by naming the structure "Memorial Hall." The building remains the focal point of many special events on campus to this day, as well as the center for the offices of the ROTC.

Memorial Hall/Anderson Arena

Listed below are additional highlights in the history of the building:

  • 1956, Board of Trustees and the Ohio General Assembly approve the appropriation of funds for construction of the facility.
  • 1960, construction completed at a final cost of approximately $1.2 million.
  • 1961, officially dedicated as "Memorial Hall."
  • 1963, basketball court officially named for Harold Anderson as "Anderson Arena."
  • 1965, second roof added to the building.
  • 1971, winds gusting to nearly 60 mph blow the second roof off the building and do other minor damage.
  • 2011, most indoor athletic events move to Stroh Center