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Business Administration Building

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Until 1972, the various departments of the College of Business Administration were scattered all over the University. In order to centralize this department and, thus, provide for greater efficiency and effectiveness, the administration approved plans for construction of a Business Administration building. Since its completion in 1972, the building has proved to be a focal point for various academic departments. In addition, the building has served as a center for career contacts, study, and advising for the majority of business-related majors on campus.

Business Administration Bldg

Listed below are additional highlights in the history of the building:

  • 1967, the Board of Trustees approved plans for construction of the Business Administration building
  • 1972, construction completed at a final cost of $2.3 million
  • 1972, building officially opened and dedicated
  • 1986, Board of Trustees approves construction of addition to the building
  • 1988, construction of addition completed at a final cost of $3.5 million. Addition included 5 classrooms, 3 seminar rooms, 3 computer labs, faculty and graduate student offices, case study room, and a 200-seat lecture hall
  • 2001, water proofing of building
  • Summer 2002, exterior masonry restored
  • September 2003, waterproofing
  • 2005, interior renovations