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Life Sciences Building

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The Board of Trustees approved the plans for construction of the Life Sciences Building in 1967 in order to move ahead with the second phase of a six-phase science research complex. The first-phase began with Overman Hall. University administrators had in mind the improvement of the science facilities on campus when they approved of construction of the building. Indeed,

administrators achieved this goal through the erection of the Life Sciences Building that contained modern department offices, laboratories, classrooms, and a marine biology museum. Since that time, the building continued to play a major role in the life of scientific scholarship at the university and continual repairs have maintained its modernity and quality.

Listed below are additional highlights in the history of the building:

  • 1965, Board of Trustees approves plans for construction of a building to be the second in a series of building designed to be a science-research complex.
  • 1967, construction completed and opened for classes.
  • 1976, research labs renovated.
  • 1977-8, $500,000 renovation completed creating additional space for research animals.
  • 1982-3, major renovations completed. Improvements include replacing the concrete and stone panels on outside of the building.
  • 1987, $470,000 renovation completed. Improvements include construction of a new roof, as well as renovation of the offices of biological sciences, three labs, and exterior masonry work.
  • 2001, design work started for center steps and masonry improvements.
  • 2002, complete renovation of life sciences room 515 from a classroom to a research laboratory to study ice core samples from the Polar Regions. Cost of project is $330,000.
  • 2003, Aviary for Biological Science Department.
  • 2009, renovations on laboratories.