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Johnston Hall

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As Bowling Green State College developed into a university throughout the 1930s and 1940s, university administrators recognized the need for construction of a facility that would allow for the centralization of medical services on campus. Johnston Hall, named for H. J. Johnston, a Tontogany physician, who was a member of the Board of Trustees from 1920-1935 and 1939-1945, became the university's first Hospital and center for the Department of Health Services. The availability of this building was a major factor in the successful attraction of a troop-training program to campus during World War II.

Johnston Hall

Upon the completion of a new Health Center building in 1967, Johnston Hall became an international center where foreign and American students could live and work together in a cross-cultural environment. Currently, Johnston Hall is the center of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, the Child Development Center, and classrooms.

Listed below are additional highlights in the history of the building:

  • 1939, Board of Trustees approves construction of a hospital on-campus.
  • 1942, construction completed at a final cost of $105,000. Building will house the University Hospital and the Department of Health Services.
  • 1952, construction of addition completed. Improvements included addition of an elevator to allow for use of the third floor of the building.
  • 1967, renovation completed. Improvements included conversion of the ground floor and two top floors to housing units for foreign and American students. Additionally, office space created and the rear of the building converted for use as a "nursery school."