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Child Development Center

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The university administration at Bowling Green State University has always made academic scholarship the primary focus of their efforts in all endeavors. Similarly, the administration has always welcomed the opportunity to pioneer new paths in the areas of academic scholarship. Indeed, this was the goal of the Cerebral Palsy Dormitory Clinic constructed in 1949. Administrators
planned for the center to provide speech and hearing therapy students with an opportunity to work with children with cerebral palsy. The first of its kind in Ohio, the center was part of three year program backed by the State of Ohio. The center closed in 1952 following the expiration of the program. However, a nursery school soon moved into the facilities connected to Johnston Hall. Since that time, the nursery school provided a place where the university faculty, administration, and students could leave their children. These children would, in turn, be supervised and directed in activities by students involved in education programs. Since its official renaming as the Early Childhood Education Center in the 1970s, this building has provided a place of service to the university community and learning for students of education.

Listed below are additional highlights in the history of the building:

  • 1949, Board of Trustees approves construction of the building.
  • 1949, construction completed at a final cost of $35,000.
  • 1950, officially renamed "Happy Hall."
  • 1952, center closed.
  • 1952, nursery school moves into the center and it is officially renamed "Nursery School."