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Administration Building

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As the student population at the university continued to expand throughout the 1940s and 1950s, the size of the administration of the university also increased. To compensate for this, as well as the increasing need for more classroom space, the Board of Trustees approved plans for the construction of a ten-story building into which would be moved administrative offices from University Hall. Thus, the Administration Building became the center of university administration and policy development. It continues to play a major role in university management, although the President's office is no longer located in the building.

Administration Building

Listed below are additional highlights in the history of the building:

  • 1961, State General Assembly and Board of Trustees approves plans for construction of a $1 million building.
  • 1963, construction of building completed.
  • 1963, President and administrative offices move into building including the Bursar, Housing, Admissions, Registrar, Academic Deans, Provost, Dean of Men, Dean of Women, Dean of Students, Placement Office.
  • 1963, Board of Trustees meet for the first time in the building.
  • 1977, President's Office moved to McFall Center.
  • 2001, elevator replacement.
  • 2002, re-landscaping of the front and west side of building, including a drop-off along Thurstin Avenue, new landscaping, picnic tables, a new ADA ramp, and new fountainheads. Estimated cost is $500,000.
  • 2002, $200,000 fire alarm system installation.
  • 2003, chiller replacement costing $350,000.
  • 2004, fire safety and alarm and stairwell pressurization.
  • 2005, update sprinkler system.