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West Hall/Old Hall of Music

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In the 1950s, University administrators undertook a number of efforts to both relieve population pressures on the university and modernize the campus grounds. The construction of the Hall of Music in 1955 was an example of these modernizing efforts. Up until this time, musical classes and rehearsals were limited to the Practical Arts Building. With the erection of the Hall of Music, the administration modernized musical study and rehearsal by providing a center where one could engage in these activities in a more serious manner. The building served the university in this capacity until the late 1970s when the

West Hall/Old Hall of Music
School of Journalism and BGNews occupied it and construction ended on the new Moore Musical Arts building. Currently, the Key offices, School of Journalism, BGNews, and WFAL and WBGU radio stations reside in the building.

Listed below are additional highlights in the history of the building:

  • 1953, Ohio Legislature appropriates $715,000 for Bowling Green State University for building purposes.
  • 1955, construction completed at a final cost of $925,000. Building to house 60 practice rooms, 14 studios, 14 classrooms, 5 record listening rooms, instrumental rehearsal rooms, vocal rehearsal rooms, large recital hall, office and storage space, and a special organ built especially for the building.
  • 1957, building officially dedicated.
  • 1977, School of Journalism and BGNews offices occupy building.
  • 1979, Department of Music moves out of building and into newly constructed $9 million Moore Musical Arts building.
  • 1981, building renamed West Hall.
  • 1982-4, renovation completed on the building at a final cost of $1,825,000.00. Improvements included installation of new interior partitions, doors, ceilings, electrical wiring, carpeting, and windows.
  • 2001, interior renovation of telecommunications faculty offices.
  • 2005, redesign space for Communication Studies