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McFall Center/Old Library

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McFall Center currently houses the Graduate Center, the office of the President of the University, and several other faculty offices, however, the building originally contained the main Library of the University. The founders of the University planned for the Library to provide services for the relatively small number of students attending the school at this time and the high number of commuters from the Toledo area. Accordingly, the collections of the Library were rather small, despite the fact that many considered it to be among the area's finest. As the University expanded,

McFall Center

the demand for more services and a larger collection warranted the construction of the building currently known as Jerome Library. The old Library retained its importance to the University, however, by performing its function as the center of the Graduate School.

“Read not to contradict and confute nor to believe and take for granted but to weigh and consider.” The quotation is by Francis Bacon.

Listed below are additional highlights in the history of the building:

  • 1924, plans approved for construction of a library on campus.
  • 1927, construction of library to house 15,000 volumes with room to house 45,000 more completed at a final cost of $275,000 with an additional $70,000 provided for equipment.
  • 1927, library officially dedicated.
  • 1952, construction completed of an addition to the library at a final cost of $147,000 designed to house increased volumes of books, added research space, a new catalogue office, micro-reader room, seminar room, as well as new micro-film and print machines.
  • 1967, library converted to office building to house the University's Graduate Center as well as the Faculty Senate, reading room, faculty offices for the Departments of Speech and Psychology, and the Honors Program.
  • 1976, building officially renamed McFall Center, in honor of University administrator Kenneth McFall.
  • 1976-7, major renovation undertaken to improve office and administrative facilities.
  • 1977, the Office of the President, Office of Admissions, Equal Opportunity Compliance, Faculty Senate, Graduate College, Graduate Registrar, Graduate Student Senate, Research Services, resource planning, Speech 102 program, Office of the Provost, Office of Financial Aid, Popular Culture Department, and Housing all moved to McFall Center.
  • 2001, Provost and Senior Vice President's waiting room renovation.