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Moseley Hall

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One of the first original buildings built on campus, Moseley Hall served as the main science building on campus from 1914-66. From 1966 through the present era, the building housed a variety of different offices including academic departments, administration offices, and classrooms. In addition, a museum, science laboratories, animal holding areas, chemical storage plants, and a planetarium have all resided within the walls of Moseley Hall at some point in their existence.

Moseley Hall

Listed below are additional highlights in the history of the building:

  • May 6, 1914, the University's Board of Trustees approves construction of a Science and Agricultural Building for the cost of $98,855.29.
  • 1916, building nears completion and is opened for some classes in agriculture, science, industrial arts, and four upper grades of the training school.
  • 1934, renovation of laboratory in building and addition of a Balance Room and Preparations Laboratory.
  • 1934, animal room added to first floor to house living things used in biological/psychological classes; animals were housed on third floor.
  • 1935, chemical storage plant added at rear of building.
  • 1938, instruction in agriculture discontinued.
  • 1945, weeds/concrete removed behind building and area converted to arboretum.
  • 1948, Everett C. Meyers appointed head of Moseley Museum
  • 1950, science building officially renamed Moseley Hall for Edwin L. Moseley.
  • 1951-2, $50,000 major renovation of first, second, and fourth floors of building that provides a new entrance to the lobby, additional laboratory and lecture space for the Departments of Physics, Biology, Sociology, and Botany, and space on the fourth floor to house a museum for the display of specimens.
  • 1967, another major renovation undertaken establishes a commuter center on the ground floor, faculty offices for the Department of English, providing for some classes in Geography, more classrooms on other floors, a typography laboratory on the ground floor, and speech rehearsal rooms.
  • 1968, Moseley Museum moved to Life Sciences Building.
  • 1960s, William D. Jackson appointed head of Moseley Museum.
  • Fall 1977-8, no classes held in building to allow for much-needed repairs of windows.
  • 2002, upgrading project scheduled for 2003 and 2004 to upgrade finishes and lighting in corridors and classrooms, update some electrical, repair breezeway windows and doors, and address fire and safety issues.
  • 2004, basement renovation.
  • 2005, classroom renovations.