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Centrex Building

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The Board of Trustees originally constructed the building now known as the Centrex Building in 1915 as the "Maintenance Building" on campus. The building housed most of the janitorial equipment and many other supplies needed by various parts of the University and campus. This building was converted to the Centrex Building in 1969 in order to provide a greater centralization of telecommunication services on campus. Indeed, the Board asserted that conversion of the facility would allow

Centrex Building
for the realization of telecommunication services to the "total university much more efficiently even though at greater cost." Since that time, the Centrex Building has been the center of, most notably the BGSU telephone service, as well as aspects of the university dining service.

Listed below are additional highlights in the history of the building:

  • 1967, Board of Trustees approves conversion of the "Maintenance Building" to a building to house the telecommunication services on campus.
  • 1969, construction completed and begins operation.
  • 1969, officially renamed the Centrex Building.