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The "Huts"/Barracks/Falcon Heights

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The Huts

Temporary structures had to be built immediately following World War II to offset increased housing demands for men from the armed services whose education was provided for by the Federal Government. Permanent structures could not be funded until post-war material and labor shortages ended. In 1945, 40 trailers were purchased to house male and married students. The following year, 15 steel buildings, purchased to house 20 men each were erected behind the old football stadium in the area that became

known as "Tin Pan Alley." The National Guard Armory and State Highway garage were also made available to house male students. Additionally the Federal Housing Authority provided two wooden barracks, housing 50 men each, ten more trailers, and buildings and furnishings for 900 men each, ten more trailers, and buildings and furnishings for 900 men. At the site of the current Overman Hall was a group of 80 house trailers, named "Falcon Heights." The Barracks, 28 four-family metal buildings, were set up along North College Drive to house married students and families. Some of these temporary structures were not totally removed from campus until 1962.
The HutsTrailers

Original Location:
Tin Pan Alley--Jerome Library | Falcon Heights--Overman Hall | Barracks or Huts--North College Drive