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Gate Theatre

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The Gate Theatre was named for its location at the campus main entrance gate at the corner of Thurstin and Court Streets. One of four buildings purchased from Camp Perry, dismantled and moved to campus in 1947, it was erected over a filled-in rock quarry. Three smaller buildings purchased at the same time were erected on Ridge Street to house the academic departments. Gate Theatre was used for drama

Gate Theatre 2
classes as well as studio productions. While most major theatre productions were held in the University Theatre, many one-act plays were staged at Gate Theatre. A 1948 addition allowed the Speech Department space for speech correction and instruction. The foundation developed deep cracks, forcing demolition of the Gate Theatre in 1961. The area was converted into a parking lot for the Administration Building.

Listed below are additional highlights in the history of the building:

  • 1947, erected on campus
  • 1948, addition allowing Speech Department to have space for speech correction
  • 1961, building demolished

Original Location: Parking Lot West of Administration Building