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Saddlemire Student Services Building

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The expansion of the University throughout the 1960s warranted a centralization and enlargement of student services provided by the University. Thus, in 1965, the Board of Trustees approved plans for the construction of a building to house the University Bookstore, student financial aid office, placement office, the international student center, Office of

Student Personnel, Office of Student Publications, Student Government Offices, guidance and counseling, offices for the Dean of Students, and Associate Dean of Students. Serving these functions for some forty years, the building was retired from service in 2007 and demolished, making way for the new Wolfe Center for the Arts.

Listed below are additional highlights in the history of the building:

  • 1965, Board of Trustees approves plans for construction of the building.
  • 1968, construction completed at a final cost of $1,935,000.
  • 1971, forum of the building receives a painting entitled "Americanism."
  • 1995, officially dedicated to honor Gerald Saddlemire.
  • 2002, installation of new elevator. Upon completion of the Bowen-Thompson Student Union, the University Bookstore moved out of Saddlemire into the new building.
  • 2002, Career Services, the Center for Applied Technology, the Counseling Center, Greek Life, Multicultural and Academic Initiatives, Student Employment, and the offices of the Vice President for Student Affairs occupied the building.
  • June 2007, ┬áremaining offices move to Conklin North.
  • July 2007, demolition building begun.

Original Location: Northeast of Jerome Library, North of Fine Arts Building