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President's Residence

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The first President's residence was a large frame home facing Wooster Street, south of McFall Center. First occupied in 1914, the building was demolished in 1973 to provide parking and access to McFall Center. In 1938 the University purchased a brick building on Wooster Street to be the second Presidents' Residence. That building, originally a kit home from Montgomery Ward, was later used as the Alumni offices and is currently home to the Popular Culture Department. In 1963 the current President's

  Third President's Residence

residence on Hillcrest Drive was purchased. The house underwent renovation in 1974. The residence was sold in 2005. A home on Wintergarden Road serves as the President's current residence.

First President's Residence

arrow This modest frame house served as the official residence of BGSU's first President Homer B. Williams. The campus was an easy walk from his front door. After Dr. Prout moved out in 1944, the residence was used for student housing, and later for offices for the Political Science Department, the Counseling Center, Faculty Club, and clerical offices.

The President's Residence, purchased in 1938, was used as Alumni offices and later served as the home of the Popular Culture Department.  It was demolished in August 2012. arrow

President's Residence/Department of Popular Culture