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Aerial Views - 1930-1940

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Artistic Views

1932 Key Yearbook endpapers (pdf file)

Green Spaces

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City Views

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City ViewCity View

The central campus was established in the 1920s. The large central building opened in 1915 was University Hall, with Williams Hall serving as a women's residence. They were soon joined by another residence hall, Shatzel, and a library (now called McFall). With the coming of the Great Depression, Ohio showed its support of BGSU by adding to the campus such facilities as the Men's and Women's Gymnasiums, the Natatorium, and the Practical Arts Building (now called Hayes Hall).

Green spaces show areas of the campus ready for future development.

Views of the City of Bowling Green at this time show a small rural community with the university at its edge. Seen from the air, the Heinz Plant is a prominent feature, with the railroad cutting a path through the center of the town.

Views of the 1940s

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