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Aerial Views - 1940-1950 City View, ca. 1948

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Date: Late 1940s

View: Looking ENE from the west

Special Features: Although this view was taken in the late 1940s (the Gate Theater, built about 1948, is the large building in the lower left corner), the campus clearly shows the buildings erected for the use of military personnel who came to BGSU for training during World War II. The barracks buildings seen at the far end of the athletic field were called "Tin Pan Alley" (now the site of the Jerome Library), "Falcon Heights" (at left, in the location of the present Overman Hall) were trailers and barracks-style housing used by married students, many of whom were returning veterans. The roof of the old Falcon's Nest can just be made out through the trees, to the left of Williams Hall. The Falcon's Nest was erected in 1942, and served as the first Student Union.

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