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Rodgers Quadrangle

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Rodgers Quadrangle

Built in 1955, Rodgers Quad was the second dormitory constructed on-campus to house males only. University administrators financed the cost of construction through the innovative method of selling revenue bonds. The university first employed this financing technique that consisted of selling bonds to banks, fraternal orders, and individuals on the open market when financing Kohl Hall. The ultimate cost of the building amounted to nearly $1.5 million dollars. Over the years, relatively little change has

come to Rodgers Quadrangle as it continues to serve the university as a residence hall, although it became a co-educational institution in the early 1970s.

Listed below are additional highlights in the history of the building:

  • 1949, Board of Trustees approves the construction of a "men's dorm."
  • 1955, construction of dormitory completed. Dormitory designed to house nearly 700 men in 4 storied with 8 living units. Two smaller, separate residences constructed in 1949 serve as a makeshift fourth side.
  • 1955, officially named and dedicated to E. Tappan Rodgers, Board of Trustees President from 1946-1961.
  • 1969, major renovation completed. Improvements included repainting of walls and rooms, placement of lithographs on lounge walls, adding new carpeting, new furniture for the lounges and lobby, and converting the downstairs lounge to more of an "office" by removing the centrex system, adding new carpeting, and new furniture.
  • 2010, building razed along with two Fraternity Row cottages to make way for a new residence hall