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"I simply cannot believe the superspeed with which my books arrive at the library. Why, I can find just about anything on OhioLINK-- a book on how to put a poetry collection together, a book on medieval women’s medicine, even a poster about forest fungi! It’s an easy, TRUSTWORTHY way to find out everything you want to know!"

--Abigail Cloud, Instructor and Writer

Abigail BEFORE OhioLINK:

Abigail Cloud before


Abigail After OhioLINK!!!!

Abigail Cloud After


"Compared to OhioLINK, Harvard is just a 66-library weakling!"

--- Alison Scott, Charles Warren Bibliographer for American History at HARVARD Widener Library (that's HARVARD!)


Cheryl Lachowski

Cheryl Lachowski, Instructor, General Studies Writing, says

"My students are amazed when I tell them that they don’t have to use Wikipedia if that book they finally found on the first hit to the BGSU online catalog was (gasp) checked out by a faculty member until the end of spring semester. “I can’t find any sources,” they whine. “Just click on OhioLink,” I say, and Viola, it shows up available at Kent, Miami, and OU. A couple of more clicks, and it’s all yours. The friendly, intelligent folks at Jerome Library will even email you in a couple of days (that’s days, for those of you doing a last minute all-nighter on that research paper, and yes, you have to check your BG email, sorry--I don’t think they text message) to let you know when you have to walk your little self over there to get it. No, they don’t deliver to your dorm. One of my students even got a fifteen pound, 12x14, 500 page hardback, glossy color illustrated book on Batman for his research paper that way. Unfortunately, I collect sources to double check quotes and had to use a dolly to get it to my office. But, I ended up reading this awesome book myself!"

Dr. Kristie Foell, Bowling Green State University, Associate Professor of German AND Director, International Studies Program AND Director, Global Village

"It was a dark and stormy night. I was staying too late at the office, as usual, without even a cup of coffee to prop open my weary eyelids. The conference paper was due at the end of the week; actually, it had been due MONTHS ago, but who ever really submits their conference papers in advance of the conference? No, the REAL deadline was 10 AM Friday, the time of my scheduled session. Tonight was Monday.

When I proposed the most brilliant conference paper ever written, I had neglected to check whether any of the sources were available at our library. They were not. None of them. But OSU had almost everything I needed! I could drive down to OSU in the morning, skipping all my classes (which is harder for a professor than it is for a student, as we're supposed to be up front lecturing). OR--I could use OhioLINK!

Click! My name and ID were entered. Click! Pick-up location selected: Jerome Library. Click! I had indicated that I wanted to request the copy from OSU. Repeat that last step several times--and go home for a good night's sleep.

Tuesday. Taught the classes.

Wednesday! An e-mail arrives from OhioLINK! My books had arrived; and, if I could read them all and write a paper in 36 hours, my research career was saved!

Thanks, OhioLINK! "

Dr. William David Albrecht, retired Assoc. Professor, Accounting and MIS

--- "When I need a book that isn't available from BGSU, but it is available elsewhere in Ohio, I can use OhioLink and have the book delivered quickly.  It's not instant access, but it's the next best thing. "

Dr. Katerina Ruedi Ray -- Director, School of Art

"OhioLINK has allowed me to get at remarkable speed and read books that would have been impossible to obtain in any other way; I can order them in the middle of the night when I am not doing (or still doing) administration....

My research is on global visual and spatial education, which means I have to read in many languages and work with books that are held in only one library in Ohio so OhioLINK is a godsend.

I have become such a fan of OhioLINK that I have started to donate my books to the BGSU library so that they can serve the whole state in the way OhioLINK has served me, and of course I can borrow them back when I need to!"

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