Curriculum Resource Center

Collection Statement

The Curriculum Resource Center Collection (CRC) collection contains over 90,000 curriculum guides, textbooks, literature for children and young adults, reference books and multimedia materials utilized by BGSU faculty and students with children from preschool through grade twelve. Most materials can be checked out for three weeks. All cataloged materials may be accessed through the BGSU Libraries Catalog.


The Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) supports the undergraduate and graduate teaching programs in the College of Education and Human Development (EDHD) and other BGSU education-related programs. The methods and practicum courses as well as those children’s and young adult literature courses taught at BGSU are particularly supported. In addition, the CRC serves as an important resource to local school districts in supplementing resources available to educators in Northwest Ohio.

Program Description

The CRC primarily supports the EDHD School of Teaching and Learning (STL) which is accredited by the Ohio Department of Education, National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, Higher Learning Commission, and North Central Association. The School of Teaching and Learning has four (4) undergraduate programs (Early Childhood Education, Middle Childhood Education, Adolescent/Young Adult and Foreign Language Education, and Business and Marketing Education) and four (4) graduate programs (Business and Marketing Education, Curriculum and Teaching, Classroom Technology and Reading). The CRC supports a wide range of general education requirements for all areas in the STL including field experience, methods and technology courses. The BGSU education-related programs supported include The College of Musical Arts, English Department, Family and consumer Sciences, and the School of Art.

Scope of Coverage

The CRC makes available “The Frances F. Povsic Collection,” which offers educational materials and resources appropriate for teaching students in pre-school through grade twelve and includes curriculum guides, academic content standards and courses of study, curriculum materials, textbooks, activity books, literature for children and young adults, reference sources, and multimedia materials. In addition, the CRC, in conjunction with the Cooperative Services for Children’s Literature (CSCL), coordinates The Children’s Book Center which makes available exceptional recently published children’s books to northwest Ohio educators and librarians.

Resources in the CRC are primarily written in the English language; however, materials used to teach foreign languages and/or bilingual/multicultural education are also included.

Emphasis is placed on collecting teaching materials of current significance, preferably those published within the last ten years; however, select items of historical or research value may be retained onsite or at the Northwest Ohio Regional Book Depository.

Resources that feature educational methods and materials used in the United States are of primary importance, and resources, including the Ohio Academic Content Standards, used in local districts in which teacher education students receive field placement are emphasized. In addition, materials that support national standards of the NCTE, NCTM, ISTE and others are collected. Educational resources used in other parts of the world are acquired on a selective basis.

To the degree possible, emphasis is placed on collecting resources that exhibit sensitivity to issues of gender, disability, and underserved populations, as well as respect for diverse cultures.

Types of Materials Collected

Current textbooks in all major curricular subjects and in levels P – 12 are collected. Emphasis is placed on collecting textbooks that meet state academic standards.

Curriculum guides and courses of study from the state, regional, and national level are collected selectively, while Ohio Academic Content Standards are acquired comprehensively.

The CRC Juvenile Literature Collection consists of educational and recreational books appropriate for pre-school through grade twelve students; these materials include, but are not limited to, classics, picture books, wordless picture books, beginning-to-read books, folk literature, fairy tales, mythology, modern fantasy, poetry, plays, pop-up books, fiction, and nonfiction. Emphasis is given to the inclusion of award winning books and authors, as well as books written about local culture, local authors, and Ohio authors.

Professional teaching materials designed to enhance lesson preparation and classroom teaching experiences of future teachers are collected. All pre-school through grade twelve curriculum areas and grade levels are collected.

Reference materials intended for future teachers, as well as children and young adults are collected. General and specialized encyclopedias, dictionaries, reviewing sources, general/specialized bibliographies, author/illustrator biographical materials, handbooks, atlases and indexes to folklore, poetry, plays and stories are also included. Activity/idea books, bulletin board books, and clip art useful for planning lessons or developing instructional materials in all P-12 curriculum topics are included as well.

Multimedia materials in a variety of formats that reflect a range of curriculum concepts, age levels, skills and topics are collected to provide future teachers with resources to use in lesson preparation. DVD's videocassettes, multimedia kits, big books, realia, transparencies, flash cards, computer software, slides, sound recordings, posters, pamphlets, pictures and games are included in the hands-on collection.

Children’s periodical titles are selectively collected in paper and/or electronic formats.

Subjects Collected

The subjects collected are useful in meeting Ohio pre-school through grade twelve curricular objectives and the Ohio Academic Standards of English/Language Arts, Fine Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Foreign Languages, Technology and Library Guidelines. Materials are classified using the full range of the Dewey decimal classification system. In addition, juvenile fiction is collected and arranged alphabetically by author.

New, emerging subject areas of collection focus are classroom integration of technology, interdisciplinary approaches in education, and cultural diversity.

EDHD faculty research interests complement subject areas and grade levels supported and collected in the CRC materials.

Interdiscipinary Relationships

The Curriculum Resource Center collections are used by a variety of other subject areas, including Popular Culture, American Culture Studies, English, History, Music, Art, Child Development, Psychology, Business, Marketing and Economics.

Other Local and Regional Resources

  • Wood County Public Library
  • Northwest Ohio Educational Technology Foundation
  • Music Education Curriculum and Electronic Lab
  • Technology and Resource Center (EDHD)
  • Materials Production Lab (CTS)
  • Classroom Technology Services (CTS)
  • Northwest Ohio Special Education Regional Resource Center
  • PRISM (Practical Resources in Science and Mathematics)
  • Toledo Zoo
  • Wood County Park District
  • Metroparks of the Toledo Area
  • Ohio Department of Education
  • Ohio Education Association
  • Ohio School net
  • Ohio Resource Center for Math, Science, and Reading
  • OhioReads
  • INFOhio
  • ENC
  • Toledo-Lucas County Public Library
  • Educational Memorabilia Collection (EDHD) accessible through UL online catalog
  • Northwest Ohio Regional Book Depository