a Webquest for 1st grade and 2nd grade


Have you ever lost a tooth? Did the tooth fairy come? Have you ever had a cavity? Did you ever wonder what might cause us to get cavities? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, your in luck because today you are going to be the Toothbrush Detective. Your mission is to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy, research what foods cause cavities and how to keep a healthy smile, and finally to observe 2 experiments on the power of flouride and what foods contain sugars. When you have completed your mission, report back to the class.


Your task, as the Toothbrush Detective, will be the following:

* listen to the story read by your teacher, Jane vs. The Tooth Fairy by Betsy Jay

* write a response to the tooth fairy based on a prompt entitled, "The Day I Lost My Tooth"

* find out what foods cause cavities

* find information on how to keep a healthy smile

* conduct an experiment on the power of fluoride and sugars

* make a poster on how to keep your teeth healthy


*computer- PC or MAC

*internet access via Netscape or Explorer

*Jay, B. (2000) Jane vs. The Tooth Fairy. Flagstaff, Arizona: Rising Moon.

*safety goggles for each student

*internet sites (bookmark these sites):



1. Listen to the teacher read the story, Jane vs. the Tooth Fairy.

2. Write a response to the prompt, "The Day I Lost My Tooth".

*** If you are having trouble, visit this website for examples from other students about the day they lost a tooth:

3. Draw a picture to go along with your response.

4. Share your response with the class (optional).


1. After instruction from your teacher on how cavities are formed, visit this website and test your knowledge on the foods that cause cavities, at:

2. Then find out the steps involved to keep a healthy smile, at:

3. In groups of 4-5, create a poster that shows how to keep your teeth healthy.


1. Watch your teacher conduct 2 experiments on the power of fluoride and what foods contain sugars.

2. Print out a Brush Chart to chart your progress on brushing your teeth


A. Prompt evaluation

1. Did the child write a response about a tooth he/she had lost? YES NO

2. Did the child draw a picture that corresponded to the written work? YES NO

B. Poster evaluation

1. Did the child work cooperatively with the other group members? YES NO

2. Did the child work actively with the group to accomplish the task? YES NO

3. Was the poster appropriate? YES NO

4. Was there valuable information on the poster? YES NO

5. Was the poster relevant to the topic covered? YES NO



Congratulations! You have completed your mission as the Toothbrush Detective! I'm sure you have learned a lot about how to keep your teeth healthy! Well, keep brushing and flossing!

Created by Meghan Hickey, Fall 2000

Bowling Green State University Graduate Student

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