a Webquest for 1st grade





Is a dandelion a flower? Did you know that a dandelion is actually a weed? On your quest today, you will learn all about the life cycle of and beauty of dandelions.



After reading the book, Dandelions by Mia Posada, you will work with a partner to discover the following:








Follow these steps to complete the following:


1. With your class read Dandelions by Mia Posada.
2. When the story is done, visit the following websites

a. Click here for information about dandelions.
b. Click here for a picture of the plant.
c. Click here for a picture of the blow ball.
d. Click here for a picture of one seed left.

3. Make a parachute that will represent how the tuft and seed of a dandelion travels throughout the air.

Click here for directions on how to make a parachute.




You will be evaluated by your teacher on the following:

1. Did the student complete all the tasks? YES/ NO
2. Did the student follow the directions for making the parachute? YES /NO
3. Did the student work cooperatively with his/her group member? YES/ NO




Congratulations! You made it! Enjoy playing with your parachute!




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