Follow the Money
A WebQuest for Second Graders

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Do you have your own money? Do you know how the money system works? Complete the quest today to discover interesting facts about your money!


After reading the book Follow the Money by Loreen Leedy, you will use the computer to learn about money.


Computer: PC or Mac

Access to the Internet via Netscape or Explorer

Leedy, L. (2002). Follow the Money.New York: Holiday House


Follow these steps to complete your quest:

1. As a class, read the book Follow the Money by Loreen Leedy.

2. After the book is read, complete the following activities.

3. Visit to create your own coin notepaper.

4. Visit to read "The Adventure of Penny".

5. Visit to take a virtual tour of the U.S. Treasury. Write 2 facts that you learned.

6. Visit to play the Money Matic game and find out how to manage your money, the fun way!


You will be evaluated by your teacher using the following rubric:

Areas of Evaluation Excellent Satisfactory Needs Improvement
Followed Directions 3 2 1
Stayed on Task 3 2 1
Used complete sentences in writng tasks 3 2 1
Completed all tasks 3 2 1


Hurray! You have completed your money quest!  Remember to always save your money in your piggy bank and be a smart spender!


Leedy, L. (2002). Follow the Money.New York: Holiday House

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